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Change Plots

I have a question about the plots JASP makes, specifically those that you can generate when runnings BANOVAs. I would like to use these plots in my manuscript, but before I can do so I need to make some changes. For instance, next to the vertical axis I wanted to change 'dependent' to the name of the actual dependent variable. Also, I would like to adjust the start and ending point (so that it matches other, yet similar, variables). Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how?


  • The new version (hopefully out today!) will change "dependent" to the label of the DV. Right now you cannot change the axis end points. We are working to make that possible. If you want to up it on the priority list, please make it an issue request on our GitHub page!

  • Just downloaded the latest version, but 'dependent' is still there. Also, how does this affect plots where there is a repeated measure factor?

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