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Randomizing a Set of Questions using Inline-Script with the SAME focus point prior to each Question

Hello there,

I am trying to create an experiment with the following structure:

Structure of Experiment

12 questions of a certain type of content – randomized
12 questions of a different type of content – randomized

Prior to EACH question in BOTH set, I need a slide with a focus point ( the *) to be shown for 250 milliseconds. Each question should end when the participant presses one of the designated answer keys ("z" or "/").

This is my first time creating and experiment with OpenSesame, so I have tried several different things in hopes that I would find the answer, and I continuously come up short...primarily, the one issue I run into no matter what I do is that I cannot get the 12 questions to present themselves in random order.

When I finally figured out how to get the questions themselves to appear in random order (using shuffle in an inline-script), I ran into the problem of not being able to insert the focus point prior to each number. I cannot just add it to the item_list because then it will appear randomly and not necessarily prior to each question.

And I cannot go back to inserting a sequence into a loop because sequence items always appear in sequential order even if contained within a randomized loop.

Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this problem?



  • Hi Tiffany,
    If you want to randomize variables (in this case questions) it makes sense to put these in a loop table, and then place a sequence behind this in order to execute the repeating steps that occur in a single trial. In the attachment an example, hope this helps, good luck

  • Hi Roelof,

    Thank you for your response. I apologize for not responding sooner. I ended up solving the problem shortly thereafter and had forgotten that I posted the question. Your suggestion works perfectly; it is the same thing I ended up doing. I appreciate your help.


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