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list assignment index out of range error

Hi !

I would say I am still a little new to opensesame and python coding.

I am building a working memory task for my PhD work. The description of the task is as follows:

    _ A black “+” symbol is displayed at the center of the screen for 500 ms as a reminder to the participants to pay attention. Subsequently, a blank screen is displayed for approximately 600 ms before a letter series appears. The letter series contains 4–12 uppercase letters that appear sequentially, with each letter being displayed for 750 ms. After the letter series disappears, three of the letters reappear at the center of the screen for approximately 1500 ms. Participants must determine whether these three letters were the last three letters of the previously displayed series_. 

I have attached the experiment file below.

The experiment works perfectly fine until it reaches a point where it stops with an error:

While designing the task I had encountered the error "list out of range." Previously, I had designed a task with similar characteristics and had encountered the error "list out of range" I posted my query a solution was posted. I had applied the same solution in my current problem and it worked fine however, now I am having again the issue of list out range in the middle of my running experiment (as seen in the error prompt.) .

Can anyone please help around this??




  • Apologies! I had made a silly mistake in the script However, there is a different issue that I am having here now.

  • Well, if you don't describe the issue, we can't help you.

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