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OpenSesame 3.1.9 Stopped


I am using openSesame 3.1.9 version. I followed the same steps shown in the documentation to build my first experiment but when I try to run it, it gives me an error. The error prompt shows

"The experiment did not finish normally for the following reason: The variable 'correct' does not exist. Tip: Use the variable inspector (Ctrl+I) to see all variables."

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


  • HI,

    Can you confirm that you used [correct] instead of correct? If so, can you upload the experiment? Like so, it will be fixed in no time.


  • Thanks eduard for your kind reply, I fixed it.

  • While I'm designing an experiment, I'm trying to use built-in variables such as average_response_time. I use it in brackets such as [average_response_time] But, Open Sesame cannot find it and either it ends the experiment with an error "The variable '[average_response_time]' does not exist." or doesn't bring any data...

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