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Logged data into SPSS

Hi - I'm looking for a bit of newbie advice/guidance of how people get data from the logger .csv files into a useful wide format on SPSS or similar stats programs. So I've set up an experiment in which participants complete questionnaire items before and after viewing one of 2 randomised video stimuli. The order of questionnaire item presentation is also randomised. I've set up logger to collect only the variables of interest and it looks like that attached file. I have seen on these forums how to merge multiple .csv files together so can do that.

What I am after is exporting this into something I can use in wide format in SPSS (i.e., id number, item pre1, item pre2 etc). But I really don't know where to start....


  • Hi,

    Google is always a good place to start:

    Wide to long:
    Long to wide:

    Good luck,


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