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Question on connecting OpenSesame and ACT-R

Dear OpenSesame Team,

Besides of doing experimental research, I develop ACT-R models and wonder, if and how I could directly link these models to my experimental tasks in OpenSesame. So far, I "translated" the respective experimental task in the ACT-R experimental GUI, since I use rather basic learning material (simple geometric shapes). However, this alwalys costs extra time and thoughts to cover all essential task related features and keep the task for the model as comparable as possible to the human task.

Is there maybe a way of runnig OpenSesame in a native Python environment and connect both programs in this way or would it be possible to work via TCP/IP?

Thanks in advance for your response!



  • sebastiaansebastiaan Posts: 2,813

    Hi Maria,

    It would help if you provide some info about what ACT-R is, how the software works, and in what sense you want to link OpenSesame and ACT-R. In very concrete and simple terms, what exactly do you want to do?

    To answer your last questions: OpenSesame already runs in a normal Python environment (so yes), and you can use the socket module for TCP networking (so yes again).


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