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Pseudorandomization with files

In the experiment, stimuli are 14 pairs of questions (28 questions in total). Questions in the same pair should not appear successively. In the loop, variables are from a csv file. I followed the example in pseudorandomization and tried to constrain pair for the purpose.
However, the red arrow indicated that Invalid column name: pair while the file did contain the pair variable.
I wondered if constrain only works when the variables are directly from table in loop item?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Elliot,

    I can't get pseudorandomization to work either when reading from an external file, but, when you add the following line: setcycle 0 word "" I think it might work; the variables for word are still read from the file, and seem to be constrained to not be repeated if constrain word maxrep=1 is added. I have not checked this very thoroughly with all the randomization options, so be sure to have a look at the preview of the loop table to check everything works as expected.

    Hope this works, good luck

  • Hi Roelof,
    Thank you for the trick! It works as expected :smile:

    Many thanks,

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