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OpenSesame soundrecorder plugins v0.15 with OS 3.1.9


I need to record sound in an OS script.
I tried to install OpenSesame soundrecorder plugins v0.15 and it does not seem to work (unless I missed something). Is it normal ?



  • borisboris Posts: 54

    Sorry but finally the plugin seems to work.
    It's just that I unzipped the main folder in opensesame_plugins and I needed to unzip the two small folders instead. (sound_start_recording and sound_stop_recording).


  • borisboris Posts: 54

    Finally I tried the plugin in OpenSesame 3.1.9 and OpenSesame 2.9.7 and it does not seem to work.

    I have the following error message:
    File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSesame297\plugins\sound_start_recording\Soundrecorder.py", line 37, in
    ImportError: No module named acodec

    From that point I tried to install pymedia but I did not succeed. It does not want to install on new python 2.7 version. (it says that Python 2.7 is required while it is already installed on my PC)
    Would someone have an idea, please ?

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