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Repeated-measures ANOVA error with high(ish) number of cells

EdwinEdwin Posts: 642
edited September 14 in JASP & BayesFactor

Hi all,

JASP is great, thanks for developing it! An issue that has persistent over the past and current versions occurs when the number of cells in a repeated-measures ANOVA is relatively high.

When running a 3x9 rm-ANOVA, I get the following in JASP 0.8.2:

Error message, including stack trace:

This analysis terminated unexpectedly.

Error in complete.cases(x, y): not all arguments have the same length

Stack trace
analysis(dataset = NULL, options = options, perform = perform, callback = the.callback, state = state)

.resultsPostHoc(referenceGrid, options, dataset, fullModel)

t.test(unlist(postHocData[listVarNamesToLevel[[k]]]), unlist(postHocData[listVarNamesToLevel[[i]]]), paired = T, var.equal = F)

t.test.default(unlist(postHocData[listVarNamesToLevel[[k]]]), unlist(postHocData[listVarNamesToLevel[[i]]]), paired = T, var.equal = F)

complete.cases(x, y)

To receive assistance with this problem, please report the message above at: https://jasp-stats.org/bug-reports

The message in used to be Invalid comparison with complex values, and has been reported on GitHub before (raised in September 2015; closed in March 2017 in anticipation of whether it was still a bug in the latest version).

Please note that the issue does not seem to be with the data: Running 2x9 rm-ANOVAs on the same data does work, and I've had the same issue with a completely different dataset. The only common factor seems to be the number of cells.

UPDATE (2017-09-14, 12:34 UTC+0): The same data does work with 2x9 rm-ANOVAs on JASP, but not on 0.8.2. On 0.8.2 it does work in a 3x6 design.

Any idea what might be going on?




  • EJEJ Posts: 408

    No idea! Can you attend us to this problem again please (on GitHub)? It would be good to sort this out

  • EdwinEdwin Posts: 642

    Thanks for having a look. I just posted on the linked GitHub Issue, also referencing this Thread.

    Thanked by 2EJ sebastiaan
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