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How to use PyGaze with SMI Eye Tracker (iView)

Hello guys,

I am new here. I am a computer science student at the Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná - Brazil.

I participate in some research using eye tracker SMI (RED System, Sendo Motoric Instruments).

In the research group, only me and a friend are from the area of ​​computation. The other researchers are from the area of ​​Psychology, Teaching, Medicine ...
(link laboratory:

Today I met PyGaze. I wonder if it's possible to use PyGaze with the SMI eye tracker (iView 500)?

If so, I would like some tips, links and documentation.

Thank you


  • Hi,

    First off I am not a pygaze developer, or any kind of developer. I am a psych postdoc who somehow ended up inherenting an unexpected eyetracking project. We have the same eye tracker in my lab, and yes, it is possible to use with pygaze. You run iView in the background while running your task.

    There is pygaze documentation on the pygaze website, plus there is a behaviour research methods paper. For more detail on how it works, check out the documentation on the iView Sdk ( . For the SMI tracker, pygaze uses this to implement its functions.

    Support for SMI is 'experimental' - some of the pygaze functions are not fully operational. For example, I had a problem with wait_for_saccade_end(). It was not all that hard to fix by going back to the SDK and tweaking.

    What do you need to measure with the tracker? Gaze location? Fixations? Saccades?

  • Hi,

    SMI has provided us with the SDK and I am currently reading the iView X SDK manual.

    I am the only computer student in the lab and I am wanting to develop some applications and games with eyetracking.

    Thanks for the sugestion

  • No worries, let me know how you go


  • Hi,

    It would be great if any of you guys could provide me with the SMI SDK. I have the same eye tracker.


  • Hey, I am wondering if anybody knows how to link the smi tracking output with the event log generated by opensesame?

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