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Filtering Analyses based on a Group, Condition, or other specific cases

Hi all,

I love JASP and use it exclusively now. The layout is far superior to SPSS and the output is so much cleaner and more organized. I recommend it to all my students now!

I was wondering about filtering capabilities in JASP. Almost all data needs to be analyzed conditionally, often split up by a specific group or factor (e.g., Group A vs. Group Z). It does not appear that JASP has any filtering capabilities. Am I missing how to do this? Will this be released in a future version?



  • Dear xxPolyG,

    Yes, filtering is a common chore and although you can double-click the data and do your filtering in, say, Calc or Excel, this is somewhat tedious. So we are definitely going to add filtering capacity to JASP. When exactly this will happen is unclear, but we are keenly aware of the need to implement this!


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