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Scales in sketch pad reset to zero in a different place


I would like that the Scales (0,0) will be (0,0) where now it is (-600,0).
Or some other solution for getting an output of my cursor X as (0,0) where now it is (-600,0) at the sketchpad.


  • Hi matanel,

    Would you mind giving a little more detail on what exactly it is that you want to accomplish? In particular, what is Scales supposed to mean?

    Maybe uniform coordinates could be useful to you.


  • Thank you Eduard,
    I would like to ''log'' a variable that takes the variable ''correct_response'' and adds to it the value 600, and then takes the variable cursor_x adds to it the value 600, and then takes the new value of cursor_x and the new value of ''correct_response'' and does this : cursor_x - correct_response.
    I want to have a column on the results file (csv) with this new variable of cursor_x - correct_response.

    I know I need to program it on Python - how would you recommend doing it?

  • Hi Matanel,

    I think I answered your question in this discussion

    Let me know ( in that thread) if you need more help.


  • Thanks, you can close this discussion.

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