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[Solved] Dual-monitor setup

Benjamin MyrstadBenjamin Myrstad Posts: 2
edited October 2017 in PyGaze

Hi guys!

I've started trying to use PyGaze with the eyetribe to create some simple heatmaps and scanpaths for a UX project I'm working on. However, I'm encoutering some issues when trying to set up the experiment on an external monitor.

I'm currently using a surface pro 4, but I would like to have the actual window where my participants look to be an external monitor.

I'm currently just running the .py script from PyGaze-master\examples\slideshow, and I've tried to look through the settings for screen etc. While I found out where I edit the resolution, I couldn't see anything about number of screens..

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Aaaaand, I found it in defaults.py

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