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Cambridge Research Systems Livetrack AV

MichifMichif Posts: 79
edited November 2017 in PyGaze


I typically use the old pylink or the most recent pygaze plugin for my eyetracking experiments which always worked fine. Now, for my upcoming fMRI project I will need to use the Cambridge Research Systems Livetrack AV. Judging from the dropdown menu in the pygaze plugin, controlling this particular device is not yet implemented in OpenSesame via a plugin, is that correct? Are there any plans to implement this any time soon?
Related to that, is there anyone who has used Open Sesame to control Cambridge Research Systems Livetrack AV eye-tracker? Sharing any prior experience using this system together with Python (rather than in a more traditional MATLAB+psychtoolbox approach) would also highly appreciated!


PS: Is there any way to put this post in multiple categories (e.g. OpenSesame and Pygaze)?

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