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Port Output for EEG: support for National Instruments Devices (NI-DAQmx Driver)

I would like to implement several EEG-experiments in OpenSesame and am therefore looking for a device/method to send event triggers (TTL output) to my EEG recording systems.
My problems:
* My computer has no serial or parallel port.
* We use 4 different EEG systems that all have different input channels for external devices (1 analog trigger vs. 4- vs. 8-bit input, vs. 7-bit input with one strobe bit).

Previous experiments were implemented in Presentation®, which supports USB-devices by National Instruments as output port (e.g. the NI USB-6501: http://www.ni.com/en-us/support/model.usb-6501.html). Has anyone used such a device by NI (NI-DAQmx-compatible device) with Python/OpenSesame to send triggers or control an external device? Or has anyone used a board by Labjack?


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