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Use pyGaze for MouseControl on OSX?

Is there a way to use pyGaze to Control the Mouse on a osx?

I have no experience with any eyetracking device or software. I researched some hours and found out that the eyetribe was the only device which was working on osx (but I can't find one anywhere in the internet).

It looks like, the Tobii devices don't support OSX and as they say it looks like it won't change.

I read on the pyGaze page that pyGaze supports the new Tobii SDK and thought, perhaps there's a way to make this work?

Thank you for any help.


  • Hi Andi,

    PyGaze is a library for creating psychology experiments that use eye tracking. So it's probably not what you're looking for. Are you trying to use an eye tracker as assistive technology (i.e. as an alternative for the mouse for someone who cannot use a mouse)?


  • Hi sebastiaan

    Yes, thats exactly what I'm looking for. Isn't this possible with pyGaze?
    When not, do you know any possbile device / software for osx?


  • Hi Andi,

    No, PyGaze is intended as a library for programming your own eye-tracking applications. So it's for developers, not end users. You could develop your own assistive-technology software with PyGaze, but I'm guessing that this is not at all what you want to do, and that you're just looking for an out-of-the-box solution.

    There are several companies that offer assistive-technology eye tracking though. But because I don't have any experience with this myself, I'm hesitant to recommend a specific one. So, before buying something, I would first take some time to read consumer reviews to get some idea of the options.

    Does that clear things up? Sorry that I cannot be more helpful, but PyGaze simply isn't what you think it is!


  • Hi Sebastiaan

    Thank you a lot for your time. Looks like I have to search further. I've already searched for hours, but it seems like there was just one osx out of the box solution (the eye-tribe) which isn't available anymore. Thank you anyway for your help.

    Cheers, Andi

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