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Creating touch screen bipolar scale to use during bicycle experiment

edited November 2017 in OpenSesame

Hi All,

I'm completely new to the program and coding in general. I'm trying to create a touch screen version of the paper scale that we present in front of participants during exercise.
I would like to know how to design this so that first we have the instruction screen,

Followed by the actual prompt (baseline reading with this version) multiple times throughout the exercise session, for example 20 mins with a rating every minute.

When the scale pops up we would like to add a voiceover asking "how do you feel right now?" before the respondents are be able to touch any of the 11 numbers on the scale with a 10 second limit for response before the scale disappears.
Primarily I do not understand how to place touch points on the various numbers on the scale and how I would program this if I need to go that route.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  • Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  • Hi,

    If you browse through the forum, you will find some discussion that give examples of how to implement a scale. For example:
    Also, you can check out the rating scale widget:

    The implementation would require using inline_scripts. I don't know how your exercise looks like, but basically at some points in it, you enter that inline_script and and run your questionnaire.

    When the scale pops up we would like to add a voiceover asking "how do you feel right now?"

    In that inline_script just use the sampler functionality and present the voice over before you enter the response part

    It's a little hard to give you more detailed help, as I don't really know what your experiment looks like. So maybe you can give more info, or try to setup the basic experiment, so that we can help implementing the extra parts.

    Good luck,

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