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randomized list of words that is adaptive to participants answer

LiaLia Posts: 1

Hello everyone,
I am a completely newbie when it comes to Opensesame and do not even now how to approach my problem. Maybe someone can help me...
I want the participant to generate words alternately with the program. So for example the participants types "red", then the program should check whether the first word of a randomized list of words is red, if not ..the program should name the first word from the randomized list, if yes it should take the second one (for example "blue") and so on.
How can I realize it?
Many thanks in advance!!


  • eduardeduard Posts: 977

    Hi Lia,

    if yes it should take the second one (for example "blue") and so on.

    I don't quite understand this part. Could you elaborate?

    I made a small experiments, that does something similar to what you want I guess.

    hope it helps.


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