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Delete stimulus from BlankScreen


I've created a stimuli.BlankScreen, and plotted several stimuli.TextBox objects on it.
Now I'm trying to delete a TextBox so it won't be presented on the BlankScreen's surface.

I've Tried clear_surface() and unload(keep_surface=False),
followed by presenting the BlankScreen again.

Any Ideas?


  • fladdfladd Posts: 96

    Dear Ron,

    the process of plotting is not reversible. Once something is plotted it is "printed" on, and will be part of, the target stimulus (the blank screen in your case).

    Clearing a surface will clear the entire surface (i.e. delete everything).

    Florian Krause (Developer)

  • Hey, Thanks a lot!

    I've plotted a new Rectangle to cover the old TextBox, so now it's not visible.

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