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Experiment stacks when I use drift_correction

edited November 2017 in PyGaze

Hi everybody,

I did not find any similar question, so I post a new discussion with my problem.

I use the default Eye-Tracking Template on OpenSesame with sligth modifications to show some questions in the internal block.
The experiment stack always after the eye-tracker calibration with a black screen.
If I remove the drift_correction, it works fine until the end and save the logs correctly.

My Configuration:

  • OpenSesame 3.1
  • PyGaze for Tobii Pro SDK
  • Tobii x60
  • on WINDOWS 10

What can be the problem?
Are data without the drift correction not enough precise?

Thanks in advance


  • edited November 2017

    Hi Dario,
    I used Tobii x60 for experiment before and encountered the same problem.
    drift_correction is quite problematic with Tobii, I spent some time trying to fix it but in vain.
    My recommendation is NOT to use it.
    In my experience, the quality of eye-tracking data is good enough if your stimuli is large (e.g., photos) but it may pose some problems if your experiment is about reading or text-related task (e.g., relation between reading comprehension and eye-movement, etc). Tobii x60 is not that precise when it comes to texts.
    To get good data, it would be a good idea to ask the subject to produce as less movements as possible.

    Hope that helps!

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