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Tobii EyeX for recording gaze data

Hi, I am new to the OpenSesame/Pygaze scene and I have minimal Python coding experience, I come from a data back ground. I have a Tobii EyeX, have installed its drivers and am now struggling to know where to begin, I have also downloaded and installed Winpython and OpenSesame, with OpenSesame I am getting an error:
ImportError: No module named tobii.eye_tracking_io.basic - I have added the tobii_research package using the package manager and am now not sure what to do. With regards to Winpython any pointers as to where to begin would be greatly appreciated.



  • ImportError: No Module names tobii.eye_track_io.basic was resolved by copying the 32bit contents of the tobii SDK to: \WinPython-PyGaze-0.6.0\python-2.7.3\Lib\site-packages

  • Hi,

    Good to hear that you managed to resolve this issue. I would personally recommend using the latest version of OpenSesame, rather than this WinPython-based package. OpenSesame also comes with a regular Python environment, and with PyGaze installed, but has much more recent versions of many packages.


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