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Randomized videoclips in one block

Hey Guys,

I'm wondering if I can put more than just one videoclip (mp4) into one trial?
I would like to create a block with randomized videos, but all with same constructions and same tasks.

e.g. The trial sequence contains:
- Video on Media Player
- keyboard response
- Sketch Pad with a question
- keyboard response
- multiple choice question

In my test, there should be 4 randomized blocks with 38 videoclips. Each block should have the trial sequence like above (BUT with 38 different videoclips).

--> Do I need to create a trial sequence for every single video? Or is it possible to just put all the Videos in one media player?

Hope someone understands what I mean.
Cheer guys, and thanks in advance!!


  • Hi Stef,

    If you put the names of the video in the blockloop as a variable, you can use the notation [name] in the mediaplayer and it will recognize the video name, the attachment an example,
    good luck, Roelof

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