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Help with website gaze tracking experiment

Hello all!

I'm trying to set up an experiment using my EyeTribe. I need to open a website and let the participants explore it normally. I need to get scanpaths and heatmaps.

I'm having some trouble as to how I can open an url in OpenSesame using pygaze.

As you may have already noticed I'm quite new to the software and also to python.

Any help is deeply appreciated.!




  • Hi Roberto,

    You seem to want participants to explore freely in a regular browser (including scrolling, zooming, clicking on links, etc.). Is that right? That's not really what OpenSesame and PyGaze are intended for. Usually, with OpenSesame you would develop an experiment in which you control exactly what is presented on the display. Do you see the conceptual difference?

    Or is it sufficient to present a static picture of a webpage that participants can look at (but without clicking on links etc.)? That you could easily do, simply by taking a screenshot of a browser and then showing this screenshot in an OpenSesame experiment.


  • Hi Sebastiaan!

    Got it! thanks so much for your help!

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