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50:50 Ratio feedback inline script.. what should be the problem?

Hi there:-) I am new to opensesame and i have some problems running the experiment as i want it to be. To briefly explain my experiment, participants choose between two free choices('red door' and 'green door). 'Red door', which is on the left, always leads to a constant +20 score. But 'green door' , which is on the right, leads to +40 or +0 with a 50 percent ratio. I would like to give out the scores with an image in a sketchpad. The problem is, I have written the inline script on my own but it doesn't seem to work. There are two problems when I run it, first is that when i press the keyboard, it shows the score but it doesn't go to the next trial quickly. I have to wait or press another key. Second is that the feedback for green door is always +40. Below is my inline script..
what should be the problem?
Thanks, Jane


  • Hi Jane
    I cannot help you with the problems unless we have some more information: The code looks pretty solid (there is a superfluous indent on line 4 though), I assume that ResponseEffect is somehow connected to the feedback sketchpad, if so in what way?
    In order to see where the delay comes from we would have to know how the experiment is set up, would it be possible to have a look at the script?


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