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About 'Multiple Choice Output"


First of all, I am very impressed of OpenSesame all the time.
Nowadays I am making a new experiment which I haven't tried(not like sentence processing or lexical decision etc.)
But I faced a problem..T T

The problem is that I cannot get a output from 'Serial two Multiple Choice'
as below the 'discussion link', I know 'one multiple choice output' is logged.

However, in my experiment
I want to ask two question in one sequence
At that time, I can only get one output which is located in 'before logger'

So, I tried to put a 'mouse click response' after the 'multiple choice'.
After then I got only 'response time'(Reaction time) ,,, T T

What should I do for getting a data what I want to.


  • Hi,

    Would it work to add a logger (linked copy of the current logger) before the second question?


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