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Timing OpenSesame across different computers

Hello everyone,

I'm about to run an experiment using OpenSesame and the computers i'm going to use are going to varied in their CPU frequency, CPU number of cores, RAM, screens, age and so on. all of them are using Windows.

I read carefully this fantastic document and I still have some questions. Say I will find drifts between QPC and CPU, or average reporting inaccuracy using Expyriment test suit, is there anyway I can fix my results according to the drift/average inaccuracy?

And one more thing, if my experiment has no part with very quick response or a short presentation of a stimuli, should I expect major differences between the results in the different computers?



  • eduardeduard Posts: 1,170


    Those inaccuracies are usually random, so I doubt that you will be able to reconstruct the "true" values. However, if the inaccuracies are not too big, I wouldn't be concerned, there are so many noise factors in the participant alone, that the small errors of the experiment won't matter too much, especially if they occur at random times (which they usually do).

    should I expect major differences between the results in the different computers?

    I'd say no. In any case, just run a couple of tries on each machine and compare the results. And also keep in mind that for your final sample, you won't compare the results across machines. Normally (and ideally) you collect the data all on the same (type of) machine, and then the inconsistencies across machine shouldn't matter.

    Good luck,


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