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Feasibility of a triple video system (+ eye tracker) with OpenSesame ?

Dear all,

We are currently developping a triple video system (with eye tracking), and I wondered whether this might be achieved using OpenSesame.
Here is the idea. We would like to set up a kind of videoconference (audio + video) between 3 persons (in the lab), recording all three videos, in addition with 3 eye trackers (cf., Murray & Trevarthen, 1985, for a simpler system). In addition, we want to be able to insert delays either in sound or video for some participants.

I am a complete newbee in OpenSesame and Python, but I plan to learn soon... For now, my question is one of feasibility. Could someone tell me if this kind of project sounds theoretically feasible in OpenSesam ? Or if we necessarily have to look somewhere else ?

Many thanks,


  • Hi Damien,

    If I understand correctly, you want to implement a tri-directional video stream, and then manipulate the video-sound synchronization? So basically create your own Skype video call.

    This is possible but will require extensive coding. You could do this inside OpenSesame, and doing so would facilitate some parts of the experiment, like instruction screens etc. But the core of the experiment—i.e. the video-conferencing part—would almost certainly have to be programmed from the ground up. At least if you want to have proper experimental control, rather than simply monitoring behavior during a real (e.g. Skype) conference call.

    Does that clarify things?

    I am a complete newbee in OpenSesame and Python, but I plan to learn soon...

    To avoid disappointment: If you want to implement this yourself, and you're a newbie at this point, then you're biting off more than you can chew. So perhaps it's a good idea to take a step back, clearly formulate what you want to do exactly, and then think creatively about a way to accomplish this that is realistic for you. Do you see what I mean? Feel free to brain-storm here in this discussion.


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