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Calibration screen unresponsive using PyGaze portable environment with EyeLink1000

EthanDCEthanDC Posts: 2


I am currently trying to run an experiment in the PyGaze portable environment (WinPython-PyGaze-0.6.0). The experiment works fine in dummy mode. However, when connecting to the EyeLink tracker, calling eyetracker.calibrate() brings up the calibration screen but it is completely unresponsive and pressing any key causes the PsychoPy display window to become 'not responding'. This is also the case when running any of the PyGaze examples, such as 'shooting_game.py'.

The EyeLink calibration works fine when running experiments in PsychoPy or with E-Prime.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



  • EdwinEdwin Posts: 642

    Hi Ethan,

    A bit more info would be greatly appreciated! For example, do you have any error messages at all? Does the freezing also occur with the PyGame back-end? Is the system responsive if you direct the calibration from the EyeLink PC?


  • EthanDCEthanDC Posts: 2

    Hi Edwin,

    Thanks for your response. There were no error messages, but we have managed to get it to work when directing the calibration from the EyeLink PC as suggested. Also, drift corrections can only proceed by using the EyeLink PC too.

    We would be able to run the experiments this way, but it would still be good to know why the keyboard becomes unresponsive in the calibration and drift correction screens.


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