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2x2x10 Baysian RM Anova in JASP

Hi all,

I'm trying to run a 2x2x10 Baysian RM Anova in JASP (with one of the two-levels factors being a between-subject factor) and get the error: "Main effects and lower-order interactions must be included whenever the corresponding higher-order interaction is included". If I do the same without the 10 level factor it works perfectly fine. So has anyone an idea what I may have done wrong or are 10 levels just too much for JASP to handle?

Thanks already for any help!


  • EJEJ Posts: 459

    Hi Anja,

    Usually you get this error whenever you try to estimate a model that includes interactions but not the corresponding main effects. If you just drag the variables into their boxes this should not happen. So my first question would be, when exactly do you get the error? If you like you can send me the jasp file and I have someone take a look.


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