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Communication Problem between Python and Gazepoint

I am a university student researching about eye tracking data using Gazepoint device. I am trying to collect data from the Gazepoint using python program. I am using the python code that is provided by the website below. I have also downloaded all the packages required to run the program.

However, it gives me a communication error when I try to run the program. I am attaching a screen shot of the error that it shows. Do anyone know what may be the reason for this error and how to debug it?


  • You’re using an older function of PyGaze. Please download a newer version from either the website or (better) from GitHub.

    Sidenote: You’re likely to prefer running your experiments not from IDLE, but using a batch file.

  • Thanks for the response Edwin. I am currently using PyGaze 0.6.0 version. Is this not the newer version? Also, I tried running the program using the batch file and I am getting the error shown below. I know that the error is about the screen size as I am using a (1680 x 1050) screen, but requesting at (1920 x 1080). Do you know how to debug this problem?

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