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PyGaze Analysis

Hello all!

I've collected some data using eyetribe and the pygaze template in OpenSesame.

I used still images as stimuli.

I can't seem to find the log file and also I can't seem to run pygaze analyzer. Can you please advise as to what I may have done wrong?

Thank you very much!




  • Hi Roberto,

    Without further info, we can’t quite help you with this. What do you mean you can’t find the file? (Have you tried looking where you last saw it? ;) ) The file should appear as e.g. “subject-1.tsv” in the active folder (usually where the experiment is, but maybe also double-check the OpenSesame directory).

    As for the analyser: PyGaze Analyser is a Python module. You can download it from GitHub and add it to your path (easy way: add it to the site-packages folder in your Python installation; flexible way: add it to the same folder as where your analysis script is). After that, you can import it by using import pygazeanalyser. If that doesn’t work, you get an error message. We’d need to be able to see that error to diagnose the issue.


  • Got it! I saw the tsv files the first time but did not link them to be related to the eyetracking.

    As for the analysis, do you have any examples of scripts that involve the tsv files? The one on github is related to edf files...

    As you can see I'm quite new using python and pygaze.

    Any advice is more than welcome!




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