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About 'multiple choice' section

edited December 2017 in OpenSesame

First of all, I am very impressed of OpenSesame all the time.
Nowadays I am making a new experiment which I haven't tried(not like sentence processing or lexical decision etc.)
But I faced a problem..T T
The problem is that I cannot get a output from 'Serial two Multiple Choice'
as below the 'discussion link', I know 'one multiple choice output' is logged.

However, in my experiment
I want to ask two question in one sequence
At that time, I can only get one output which is located in 'before logger'
So, I tried to put a 'mouse click response' after the 'multiple choice'.
After then I got only 'response time'(Reaction time) ,,, T T
What should I do for getting a data what I want to.


  • Hi Yunjoo,

    First of all, I am very impressed of OpenSesame all the time.

    Thank you :smile:

    Normally, if you want to collect two multiple-choice responses, you would simply use two form_multiple_choice items in a row, and indicate a different response variable in each of them. That way you can distinguish the two responses from each other in the data file.

    Does this answer your question? If not, can you try to explain a bit more clearly what exactly you want to accomplish, and why this doesn't work as you expect it to?


    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

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