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eye tracking with webcam?

I'm sorry if the answer is sitting right in front of me, but does PyGaze support the use of a generic USB connected camera for tracking or are only proprietary eye trackers supported?
Also, can PyGaze run on a Raspberry 3 (is it supported, not asking about performance).
Thank you guys.


  • EdwinEdwin Posts: 655

    The PyGaze package does not support eye tracking with a webcam. What does allow it, is a sister project: webcam eye-tracker. This is an OpenCV (or PyGame, if you’d like) implementation that should also work on Raspberry Pi, provided you write a back-end for the camera module. This should be relatively easy, as the package is written in a modular way. I.e. you’d only have to write functions to initialize the cam, and to get a frame from the camera; and the parent class will do the rest (the actual eye tracking).

    See GitHub for the code: https://github.com/esdalmaijer/webcam-eyetracker

  • EdwinEdwin Posts: 655

    Side-note: This does eye tracking, not gaze tracking! You’d need to write a calibration routine for that.

  • Thank you.
    What cameras Does Pygaze support btw?

  • EdwinEdwin Posts: 655

    Supported brands of eye trackers are EyeLink (SR Research), EyeTribe, GazePoint (via OpenGaze API), SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), and Tobii (the old SDK as tobii-legacy and new Tobii Pro SDK as tobii).

  • There are some nice cheap 120 and 240 fps 720p cameras out there which connect like a webcam. Maybe you should consider adding an general camera class.

  • ParkPrinceParkPrince Posts: 2
    edited January 19

    So is there any webcam that has this feature of eye tracking? I wish to find one with high fps at no less than 120. If anyone knows any device, could you please show me? Thanks

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