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Expyriment crashes in OS

Hello, I am a beginner of Expyriment withOS and want to use it as a student for a study on priming.
Everything is checked, all the variables are correctly defined and logged and also shown. The text-input-item title was deleted in the script. However, the experiment always crashes once started and there is no error report for that.
Before there had been error reports due to mismatch of variable spelling in the text-input-item and the loop-item.
Why does this occur ? I tried it out more than once and it still won't work.


  • Hi Sven,

    this will be very difficult to debug without seeing you code. Can you send me the script that crashes?

  • Hi!
    I am also having the same problem I am trying to create an experiement on my macbook however it keeps on crashing when the experiment starts running. The experiment crashes and ends, and says that there is an issue with python and to contact open sesame.

  • Hi,

    could you send me the script that crashes?

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