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data logging


I disabled the "log all variables" option in OpenSesame because I want the logger only to log a few of the variables. But here is the problem: when I disable this option, OpenSesame stops logging the "datetime" of the experiment. So, when I open Exel there is no column which shows me when the experiment was executed. When the option "log all variables" is activated the datetime is being shown in the dataset. What can I do to log just some of the variables BUT simultaneously log the date and time the experiment started ( e.g 14.12.2017 20:30)?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Kristina,

    In the beginning of your experiment, you can include an inline_script and copy following code into it:

    import time
    var.datetime = time.strftime('%c')

    Then in the logger, you have to add this variable to the list of variables that you want to write to the logfile.

    Good luck,


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