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Assigning correct response to form base buttons

Hello, I'm trying to conduct face recognition test. I have created 4 button with form base for each trial and put the faces above them. I want participant to click the one of the button(A,B,C,D like multiple choice questions). How can assign the correct response, which button is correct. Can anyone help? Thanks.

My trials look like this. When I click on one of the button it don't record any response time or correct response


  • There are multiple ways, you can for example add a column to your loop table and set the correct_response to the button that you need. As far as I know, a button returns the text on it when it is clicked. So if you capture execute your form, you can capture its return value in a variable. Compare that value you to the one that you defined in your loop table and you know whether participants responded correctly.
    See here:

    hope this helps,


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