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Forms: Rating Scale: Data Logging with Loop

Dear beautiful people. As of now, I'm not particularly savvy with OS, but I'm trying to learn :) Here's the situation. I want to implement a couple questionnaires to present during my experiment. One is a mood scale, where participants mark how strongly they feel a certain mood at the moment. It's 24 items, so I thought it might be a good idea to use a Loop instead of hard-coding each item.

Furthermore, I don't want to present all of the items on the same page (I think three items per page might be a good measure). So what I did was coding a questionnaire page with three items on it which refers to question texts and variables in the loop.

set timeout infinite
set spacing 10
set rows "1;1;1;1;1"
set only_render no
set margins "50;50;50;50"
set description "A generic form plug-in"
set cols "1;1"
set _theme gray
widget 0 0 2 1 label text="Im Moment fühle ich mich"
widget 0 1 1 1 label center=no text="[question_text_1]"
widget 1 1 1 1 rating_scale nodes="überhaupt nicht;;;;sehr" var="[var_mdbf_t1_1]"
widget 0 2 1 1 label center=no text="[question_text_2]"
widget 1 2 1 1 rating_scale nodes="überhaupt nicht;;;;sehr" var="[var_mdbf_t1_2]"
widget 0 3 1 1 label center=no text="[question_text_3]"
widget 1 3 1 1 rating_scale nodes="überhaupt nicht;;;;sehr" var="[var_mdbf_t1_3]"
widget 0 4 2 1 button text=Weiter

Presenting the questions works fine, but the data logging is a complete mess. I think it's to do with my loop table, I think I'm misunderstanding the variable generation. I want every item to have its own column in the output where I have the answer the participant gave (0 to 4). Instead, I get one column each for var_mdbf_t1_1 through 3, and in there the variable names I want to give the individual items, based on the loop. The loop table looks like this:

I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear. The idea is, that in the end, each item has a column in the log file, and in this column a value indicating which choice the participant made.

Thank you so much for reading, this community is amazing. Have wonderful holidays, everyone!
Cheers, Vincent


  • Hi Vincent,

    Would you mind uploading your experiment? Maybe even one logfile.

    But from the way you describe it, you won't be able to get one column per item. It's a trade off between using loops efficiently and having separate columns. Probably it is your call on what is important to you.


  • Hi Eduard,
    thanks for the quick reply, I'll attach the experiment and a test log. The break screen in the middle requires a space keypress.
    Best and happy holidays to you!

  • Hi Vincent,

    As I said, you either have to go for a form item with only a single question but the same variable name. This will give you a single column with all the responses. Or you can go for as many questions as you like per page and each question has a difference variable name. Like that you would end up with as many columns as you have questions, with each response being in a separate row.

    Does that make sense?


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