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How to stop an experiment if acc < 80

Can you please help me to stop my experiment if the acc doesn't reach 80%?

I have seen the discussion about how to repeat practice if the participant doesn't reach 80%
But I want the experiment to stop if the participant have finished the practice successfully, but didn't
reach to 80% acc on the next experiment block - if he didn't reach 80% I want the experiment to stop completely

Best Regards


  • Hi Matanel,

    If you only want to check the first block after practice, you could set up three loops
    1.practice, 2.check block, of the blocks, and then only run the third loop if the accuracy for the check block was high enough, if you want to keep checking if accuracy is above 80, you could just use practice and the rest of the blocks but not evaluate on the first cycle, hope this helps, good luck.


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