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please help me build a simple experiment

Hello Iam looking for someone who could possibly build me an experiment in OpenSeasame.I have no time to learn the sofwer myself as iam stuck up with writing papers and analysing data. It is a simple face recognition task with Asian and Caucasian (older and younger faces) I will provide picture stimuly and instructions. Basically it will start with a learning phase where all faces will be presented and they will then be mixed in with other faces from the same group and presented again. The participant will have to press two different buttons to indicate (either seen before or not seen before). Iam willing to pay for this service of course. please letme know if you know of anyone or any website that offers this kind of service.


  • Sorry, but i think it's not a simple task.
    Refere on the samples and try to modify them !!!
    Good work !!!

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