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PyGaze and Pupil labs

Hello :)
Quick question, it is possible to use PyGaze with the eye tracking device from Pupil labs ?
I need to create some eye tracking task and use these tasks with the eye tracking device.
Thanks for your help!


  • Hi!

    Unfortunately, Pupil isn't supported through PyGaze at the moment. It's technically possible, though. So if you or anyone else has the resources, please do go ahead!


  • Hi Edwin,

    please excuse the thread necromancy here, but it just so happens that our lab is planning to conduct eye tracking studies with PyGaze/OpenSesame and already owns Pupil hardware.

    Seeing as your above reply is some 16 months old, could you please share any new information on the topic you might have? Has somebody taken on the task of bringing Pupil and PyGaze together (to your knowledge)? Do you still think it's possible to do so or do you know of any developments that would prohibit this?

    Also, do you think that the LSL plugin offered by Pupil labs could reasonably play a role in going about this task?


  • Hi,

    To answer one of your questions, there is still not Opensesame Plugin or Pygaze support for Pupil labs. You can check the github page of Pygaze to see what is currently supported. However, as far as I can see from their documentation, direct Opensesame support is not really necessary, given that they have a rather straightforward Python-syntax to set up a study. You only would need to use inline_code in Opensesame.

    Have you tried setting up an eyetracking study?



  • > Also, do you think that the LSL plugin offered by Pupil labs could reasonably play a role in going about this task?

    Possibly, yes. I haven't work with LSL myself, but I've heard good things about it. And there's an LSL Python library that you should also be able to use within OpenSesame.

  • Hi @quartz_pool!

    The Pupil people and I had a chat a while back, and decided that it would be worthwile to pursue support. It kinda fizzled out, though, and I had forgotten about it until now. I'll check in with them.

    I don't currently have a Pupil tracker, which is usually the limiting factor in whether there will or will not be PyGaze support.

    If there is anyone with a Pupil tracker out there who is interested in developing support for PyGaze: Please do! I'd be happy to help!



  • Hi everyone,

    and many thanks for your thoughts on this!

    It seems that putting in the coding work to use Pupil hardware in OpenSesame is the way to go here. @Edwin Things are (slowly) going in this direction on our end, and I'll be sure to check in with you once we have something to go on, code-wise.



  • Update! The Pupil Labs people were kind enough to loan me one of their trackers, so I'll be looking at implementing this soon :)

  • Great! That's awesome of them. Thanks for letting us know!

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