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How to define Areas of interest in OpenSesame?

Hello everyone!
I'm new to OpenSesame, and I'm doing a research that combining Eye-Tracker (EyeLink portable Duo). I would like to know please how I can to define AOI (Areas of interest) at OpenSesame or PyGaze? or maybe I must define AOI at EyeLink Separate program? (if PyGaze - how do I find out which PyGaze do I need?).

please help me (:



  • sebastiaansebastiaan Posts: 2,889

    Hi Rotem,

    The easiest to way define ROIs is by first downloading the latest prerelease of OpenSesame 3.2 (which will be released as stable soon) from here:

    And then you can assign names to elements of a sketchpad item or Canvas object. These named elements then serve as ROIs. See also the visual-world tutorial:

    But then you still need to decide how you want to use those ROIs. Do you want to analyze them afterwards, and if so how? Or do you want to do some kind of online analysis?


    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

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