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Network analysis - grouping nodes?

I'm learning to perform a Network Analysis in JASP. The video tutorial is pretty clear, except for the step explaining the grouping of nodes into subscales, indicated by colors. I see the groups defined in the corresponding data file, but don't understand how to define groups in my own data set. Is this doable in SPSS datasets, for instance?


  • I'll pass the message on to our network expert!

  • Hi Clair,

    This should be doable in SPSS or excel!

    To color the nodes you need a grouping variable with a specific format.
    For example:

    If you have 3 groups, and 9 variables (3 per group) your grouping variable would look like:

    "$Variable name 1" = "$group name 1"
    "$Variable name 2" = "$group name 1"
    "$Variable name 3" = "$group name 1"
    "$Variable name 4" = "$group name 2"
    "$Variable name 5" = "$group name 2"
    "$Variable name 6" = "$group name 2"

    Note that "$Variable name" must be exactly equal to the name of a variable in JASP. The variable is always on the left of the = sign, and the group is always on the right of the = sign. You can call the group whatever you like as long as different groups have distinct names.

    Once you've listed all variables you can leave any remaining entries as missing values.

    If you have any more questions, let me know!


  • Thank you for the fast reply! That worked.

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