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Somewhat urgent - new version 3.2 won't close

Hey all, I opened OpenSesame this morning to check how my program was working and it won't let me get past the first page. I hit 'Enter" as usual but the program is frozen. I tried Esc-q but that doesn't work either. I think this is the second time this has happened. I have to stop the program through the task manager and that should not happen. Please help. I'm on Windows 10 64 bit machine. When the program first loads, the cursor also disappears. I can work on other programs but not OpenSesame.


  • New version does not let you esc-q from a loop.

  • I entered the following in the sketchpad:
    draw textline center=1 color=black font_bold=yes font_family=sans font_italic=no font_size=50 html=yes show_if=always text=">[HQ_question_text]<" x=0 y=120 z_index=0

    I wanted to point to where the participant needs to focus their attention but the sketchpad would only allow 1 > and would not show the other one. Asterisks work though but it might be a problem if someone needs their participant to focus on a location.

  • My variables from my loops are not saving anything. I have attached the output. Should I define all the variables, even the ones in the loops that are supposed to collect the data?

  • Hi Patricia,

    It seems you describe different types of issues here. Could you please keep them in separate discussions? In particular those problems that suggest bugs in Opensesame (can't break from it).

    With respect to your other questions, I don't know exactly what it is you want and what it is that does not work.

    My variables from my loops are not saving anything.

    Maybe stupid questions, but have you added a logger to the loop?


  • I was putting bugs of the new version (since there is still time before launch to fix them). So these, as far as I know, are all bugs in the new version. It's not a stupid question at all. There was some documentation that said you didn't need to add a logger to the loop (i.e., don't add multiple loggers to an experiment) and some that said you did. I didn't so that will explain the problem. I will try adding another logger to each loop and see if that fixes the problem. Thanks again! This one can be closed as well. The other information is just to let you know the bugs I found so far. They're kind of important and there was no where to put the other than in the forum. If you would like me to put them somewhere else, please let me know. This discussion can be closed too. Thanks.

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