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Practice and experimental loop


I’ve ran through my experiment fully to make sure it works, and because my practice loop is a copy of my experimental loop when I’m setting my experimental loop to run the 40 trials, it’s also doing the same for the practice. Do you know how I would change it so the practice is only say 4 trials?

Would uploading my experiment help? I’m really not sure how to change this and I need to start testing asap.

Thank you


  • Here is my experiment. If you could work out how I change the number of practice trials (so it is separate to the number of experimental trials) that would be great.

    Everything else is working fine, and it all records its just this last bit

  • Hi Megan,

    If you make an unlinked copy of your experimental sequence and use this copy as practice loop, you should be able to make changes in the loop table that will not transfer to the experimental phase.

    Do you know what I mean?

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