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Experimental Papers using BF


I am currently getting into using BF on my data. I would like to ask you to share some experimental papers that implement BF in their analyses. I'd like to get more acquiented with 'how it's done' in practice - how people use and report BF in recent publications.



  • Good point. We hope to offer a generic solution for this issue in the future. For now, you can of course look at my own papers, and those of Dienes, Rouder, and Morey, for instance. A google search should also be effective.

  • Thanks E.J. Papers by you and mentioned authors are mostly methodologically focused, while I'm looking more for BF usage 'in the wild', i.e. experimental implementation, where the focus of the paper is the psychological/cognitive effect in question, not the method.

    I think having a place to aggregate such publications would be convenient and beneficial for many of us. Devising a generic solution sounds very interesting. In the mean time, please feel free to share any such papers here.


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