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I know this will seem like a stupid question but shouldn't the logger log the values that are selected by the participant? My logger outputs all the values and not the one selected for each question. I have attached the output from the logger. I'm using the new version of OpenSesame.

I also keep getting a "Python seems to have crashed" message even if the experiment seems to have completed correctly. This seems to be completely random with no feedback as to why this might be happening.

The goal is to get the program to accept the responses from participants. There is no time limit and there are usually several correct responses. I've tried inputting the correct responses and leaving correct responses blank and I get the same result. I thought the logger was supposed to log the data but my logger only writes out what is in the program.

Also, is there a way to suppress the background information so that it is not written to the logger?


  • EvaEva
    edited January 2018

    Hi Patrica,

    something seems weird in your file. it's not all in the same format. As in its a csv but actually it's not all comma-delimnated some things are in columns. This makes it hard to read into e.g R or wherever to see what your output may be doing. Maybe you adjusted some things? Cause in the raw file opensesame outputs this shouldn't be the case.

    I also don't know what logger settings you used. In the logger you basically have 2 options: either log all data or to specify what you want logged.
    This way you can also suppress the background information though I would opt to log everything and to later select only the columns you're interested in. (Better be safe than sorry).

    What may be the case is that you have several loggers that somehow overwrite each other. I had this once which led some data to be logged correctly and others not. Opensesame should warn you about this; telling you that having unconnected loggers may lead to chaotic data.

    It may also be that you're looking in the wrong place, e.g. you're looking at "Question_X" rather than "reponse_Question_X". In the data all responses are recored in the variables starting with "response".

    This is because (related to your: "I thought the logger was supposed to log the data but my logger only writes out what is in the program." statement) the logger actually logs both. So say you have an Image of the sun called Image_Sun and you have someone rate that on a 5-point scale. The logger will log that a) you showed the participant Image_Sun and b) the rating the person gave for that image.

    Hope this helps a bit,

  • Hey Eva, thanks for your response.
    Opensesame does let you know that using multiple loggers is a problem. I switched all my loggers to one logger and that took care of the error message in the program. However, the data I posted was after I changed to the single logger. This is the new version and it has some glitches. For instance, if you run any other program when opensesame is open and running the experiment, the program crashes. You cannot use esc-q to get out of the window and you can't see your cursor so it makes finding the task manager difficult (and that is the only way to get out of the program).
    Just in case I made a mistake, I have attached the logger I just ran. I still received the crash message which might mean there is an error somewhere in my program but opensesame doesn't tell me where (that would be a nice addition).
    I found some responses as you described - thanks for that - for the loops but not the forms. I think I have to either create a response variable in the forms somehow or add a logger after every form. I have the variables but not something that says what the responses should be other than e.g., "widget 12 6 3 3 rating_scale nodes="Yes;No" var=perm_recontact".
    Do you know if there should be something in the forms that tells it to log the responses?

    I have noticed a problem in the new version - even if you have a variable set as or var=name, the variable sometimes is not in the list of variables. For example, I input var.ID in a inline_script and it shows up there when I first open the program. If I add a variable (or perhaps do something else), that variable disappears. There is another variable that appears (not sure if it was there when I opened my program) called osf_id which has the correct information but is the wrong variable name. I do not have any other variables called ID so I'm not sure why this is happening.

  • Hi Patricia,

    Could you upload your experiment?


  • I think I uploaded it in another post but here it is again. If it doesn't upload again this time, I'm not sure what else I can do to upload it.

  • Ok, to not scatter information, I will close this discussion here. We can discuss the issue in this topic

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