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Random slopes in lmBF

Hi all,
Can I add random slopes to the lmBF function?
Currently I'm using the following to test a model with 2 main effects.
lmBF(RT ~ IV1 + IV2 + Subject, whichRandom="Subject",data = RTData)
I want to add the slopes of one or both IVs as a random factor. Is there such a possibility?



  • update: a good soul in "R Users Psychology" facebook group helped me out. The answer is:
    lmBF(RT ~ IV1 + IV2 + Subject + IV1:Subject, whichRandom=c('Subject','IV1:Subject),data = RTData)

    Thanked by 2EJ MSB
  • EJEJ Posts: 444

    That's great to hear -- I must admit I personally have used the BayesFactor package mostly indirectly, through JASP. Thanks for posting the solution.

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