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Dual task experiment logging


Opensesame has been so much fun! Although with few glitches I am now able to make experiments in no time.

Currently I have made a switching task for my PhD work however, I am facing some issues with logging the responses in the logger.

Task Description:

A black “+” is displayed at the center of the screen for 500 ms as a reminder to the participants to pay attention. Subsequently, a blank screen is displayed for approximately 600 ms before a number appears at the center of the screen. Each number appears for 100 ms. The participants must determine whether the values of the red numbers are higher than 5 or whether the blue numbers are odd or even. Subsequently, another blank screen is displayed for 1,000 ms, after which the task ends.

This particular experiment requires the 'nested list' functionality which is available in the e-prime. However, after searching through the forum I found a discussion that came with a solution to this problem:

Using their solution I have made the experiment however, the issue is that the logger file is not logging critical variables accurately. Experiment attached.

Hoping if someone could help in this.



  • Hi Vatsal,

    What do you mean with "not logging critical variables accurately". Timing issues? Dropped responses?
    Can you give more detail on those variables and how you measure them? (I'll have a look at your experiment in the mean time)


  • Me again.

    I just looked at your experiment, and you have to add the logger to each of your experimental sequences (SUB1 and SUB2), only like that you can record every single trial.

    By the way, the inline_script_4 is unnecessary. Opensesame computes the variable var.correct automatically as long as var.correct_response and var.response is defined (which is the case for you)

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks mate it worked!!!

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