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Difficulties with resizing an image in Opensesame and defining the variables (I am a novice)

Hello all, I am designing a response time experiment, which is a 2 x 2 mixed ANOVA, and both groups will participate in the repeated measures variable, no gaze and no reach condition and the gaze with reach condition. It should be noted that participants have to identify where the bottle is? From the person's perspective, as I captured an image with a person sitting down, with an apple on either the left or right and bottle on the left or right of the person in the image. Although, when I import the image from the pool, it is overly large, nor do I understand how I can define the variables. Since I have been watching videos, and they use the emoij, with two letters. Whereas I have an image, with the novel objects and the person gazing et cetera, any assistance or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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