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cannot delete an item from general script

while I'm trying to run an experiment I built in opensesame, I got an error message: Could not find item 'learn_short_High_int', which is called by sequence item 'learntest_short_low'.
i found the item in the general script:
run learn_short_High_int always
run test_2 always
but for some reason i cannot delete it. every time i try to do so, those script lines come back after i save the file.
in addition, i don't find this item in the overview window.
how else can i deal with this error?


  • Hi,

    Did you also press the "apply changes" button in the top right corner? Maybe the item is still defined in the "deleted items"? Overall, this does sound weird though. If it doesn't fix it, could you upload the experiment?


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